8oz Spring / Summer Gemstone Candle

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Our hand poured soy candles are simply beautiful. Each 8oz candle is topped with gemstones and dried botanicals, making them wonderfully eye catching. Let the whimsical smells of flowers relax you. The gemstone colors and sizes may vary. 

English Garden - Lily of the Valley, Green Leaves, Pear, Lilac, Rose, Jasmine, Vanilla, Carnation.

Day at the Spa - Lemongrass, Lime, Lemon, Jasmine, Sugar, Black Currant, Patchouli, Powder.

Cactus Flower and Jade - Agave, Aloe, Chrysanthemum, Green Floral, Green Leaves, Patchouli.

LilacLilac, Rose, Carnation, Green Leaves, Sandalwood.

Oakmoss and Amber -Sage, Orange, Grapefruit, Lavender, Oakmoss, Amber, Tonka Bean.

Magnolia and Peony - Violet, Lily, Peony, Magnolia, Freesia, Powder, Wood.